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The Elm Stone Saga #2
2 Scarred white square

Sometimes we survive unscathed. Other times we are left scarred.

Following an unforeseen attack, the White Elm council is depleted but even more determined to find and prosecute their former member, Lisandro, and his follower. Suggestions of a spy within the council ranks, however, cast shadows of doubt and suspicion, and trust is suddenly a commodity no one wants to afford.

Events that can only be considered fateful have thrown Aristea and her new ally Renatus into the middle of this political turmoil, bringing into question their loyalties, her faith in him and in her own impulsive choices. Despite a shared past it is quickly apparent that some scars run deeper than others and Aristea is running out of time to decide where to place her trust. Perhaps being chosen was just the beginning…

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A riveting read from beginning to end.

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