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The Elm Stone Saga #5
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Sometimes the chaos spares us. Other times we are fractured.

In the blink of an eye, everything changed. Power has changed hands and the White Elm council, benevolent peacekeepers of magic for centuries, is suppressed under a blockade of enemy sorcerers. For Renatus, heroes have fallen, the lost have returned, and nothing is as it should be. Outside his gates, society is divided, and long-held assumptions can no longer be taken for granted.


Separated from Renatus, hunted by everyone and on the wrong side of the White Elm’s law, Aristea’s newly learned magic and limited resources are put the to test as she tries to protect the secret hidden within her buried memories. But Fate has plans, generations in the making, for the council’s wayward apprentice and her conflicted master, and the cost of seeing them through may mean never being whole again…



Shayla - I only have one question.. how long until the next release? 😱 because I need it right now!

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