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The Elm Stone Saga #1
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Sometimes we choose our way. Other times it is chosen for us.

The White Elm council has governed the magical societies of the world for centuries, keeping the peace, leading the way of the light, but when popular and powerful Lisandro announces his intention to leave the council, a line is drawn in the sand. The Elm Stone, a ring holding the build-up of power from years of the council’s members, gets taken by its keeper, Peter, to Lisandro’s new group of malicious magic users. Its fate lies in his hands.


Young Irish sorceress Aristea Byrne jumps at the opportunity to compete for a coveted position as an apprentice to the White Elm and quickly finds her powers blossoming. Under the tutelage of the council at their Academy she awakens skills she never knew she had. As she finds herself drawn more into the council’s unfamiliar world, and in particular into the web of mystery surrounding council rebel Renatus, she starts to wonder how much is still within her control and how much has been chosen for her…

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Well plotted and written. Readers are deeply involved in the unfolding of story development.The writer's use of plain English, firmly established setting and fully developed characters make this book an absolute joy to read!

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